Music for Dancing

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Ideal for evening entertainment, parties and corporate functions.

For functions and parties Gordon performs with his party band Meantime. A high energy band who never fail to fill the dance floor.

The “Meantime” band is made up of “A list” musicians who perform Soul/Disco, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Postmodern Jukebox style pop/swing and rock. They perform favourites from Otis Reading to Olly Murs and from James Brown to Britney Spears.

The line-up usually comprises 8 or 9 musicians and is led by Gordon and Phil Veacock (sax) but the band can be scaled down to a 6 piece if budget dictates. The bands track record includes performances for the Royal Family, several MPs and a numerous celebrities.

For smaller events Gordon can perform the party/dance set as a duo, trio, quartette or as a solo singer/guitarist with backing tracks.

Members of the band have worked with Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Sting, Jessie J, DIzzee Rascal and Lilly Allen to name but a few.

Here is a small sample (there are hundreds of songs in the play lists, and the evening can be targeted at classics or current as desired).

Listen to some songs here ————————————or———————————————————— click below to watch video