Dining (functions, restaurants and hotels)

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Solo, Duo,Trio or as a full 9 piece band

From a solo act ( as singer/guitarist) to the full nine-piece band. Gordon Mark Webber is a bandleader who will provide a bespoke package for you and tailor the music to suit the evening. Performing alone or with his band he can cover all genres of music. 

“The Meantime band” is Gordon’s 9 piece function band comprising internationally renowned jazz/session musicians. Meantime will provide exactly what you need with no fuss or problems.

Why are Meantime the right choice? Because in many cases the musicians have performed the hit songs with the original artists! What’s more, they have many years experience providing exactly the service you require.

For smaller/more intimate venues Gordon can scale the band all the way down to a duo or trio. Many clients choose to book a smaller line-up to perform while guests are eating and then have the full band perform after dinner for dancing. 

What makes Meantime different is not just Gordon’s vocal expertise and delivery, but the incredibly wide range of musical styles he and the band cover, from original material to classic jazz, postmodern jukebox, and soul, encompassing gentle ballads to powerful blues.

Led by Gordon and Phil Veacock (Jools Holland’s arranger and sax player), the band’s track record includes performances for the Royal Family, several MPs and a numerous celebrities.
Members of the band have worked with George Benson, Johnny Cash, Amy Winehouse, Eric Clapton and Mary J Blige to name but a few.

For those of you who like the acoustic sound Gordon teams up with Steve Mac to perform as “Unplugged the duo” Pop, rock and blues arranged for 2 guitars with harmony vocals and an ideal sound for many bars/restauants.

Here is a small sample (there are hundreds of songs in the play lists, and the evening can be targeted at classics or current as desired).