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Duos,Trios and Bands

From a duo to a nine-piece, the Meantime band is Gordon’s jazz ensemble and comprises internationally renowned musicians. What makes the band different is not just Gordon’s vocal expertise and delivery, but the wide range of musical styles he and the band cover, from original material to classic jazz, postmodern jukebox, and soul, encompassing gentle ballads to powerful blues. The band is led by Gordon and Phil Veacock (sax) but the line-up can be scaled down if required to suit your needs. The band’s track record includes performances for the Royal Family, several MPs and a numerous celebrities. Members of the band have worked with George Benson, Johnny Cash, Amy Winehouse, Eric Clapton and Mary J Blige to name but a few.
Gordon will tailor the music to suit your needs.

Here are a few audio and videos recordings of Meantime. I hope you enjoy.